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LUBRIN is a centuries old white-washed village in the Sierra Filabres Monutains in rural south-eastern Spain.

Since the 16th century Lubrin has relied on its agricultural products, in particular olives and almonds on irrigated terraces and the rearing of goat herds for their popular soft cheese (queso de cabra). Although it is tucked away Lubrin has excellent access is easy to reach from many junctions on the E.15 dual-carriageway.

There are 4 Airports within 2 hours drive, starting with Almeria an 1 hour, Murcia St Javier at around 1.5 hrs, then Granada and  Alicante, both around the 2 hour mark.

Visits to the coast from Lubrin will take only about 45 minutes along some breathtaking roads where there are plenty of places to stop and just take in the majestic views.


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