About Lubrin

Lubrin is stunning white-washed village tucked away in Sierra de Los Filabres Mountain range in the Almeria region of Southern Spain and around 20 minutes drive from the E-15 Motorway.

The area is renowned for its Olive Oil, Honey and popular soft Goats cheese (queso de cabra), all of which can be purchased locally and tasted in One of the many local bars. 

Lubrin, has access to Four airports within 2 hours drive (Almeria 1hr, Murcia (Corvera) 1.4hrs and Alicante & Granada around 2 hours drive).

Four major airports within 2 hours drive from Lubrin

The village offers a real taste of Spanish village life with fiestas taking place in January, August and October and various traditional bars spread throuhout the the village.

Lubrin is a "municipality" with a library, health centre, gymnasium, swimming pool and sports centre. Being in a Mountain range the streets can be quite steep, but the higher you climb, the more spectacular the view becomes; presenting a fine panorama of the surrounding countryside with its hidden history of an earlier time in the cave of Los Morciguillos and the remains of a Moorish castle dating from the occupation of this part of Spain by Arab invaders.

Farming has always been a very important source of local economy in Lubrin, although earlier in the 20th century the mining of iron ore also provided much needed work in the general area and surrounding villages of Bedar, Serena and Los Pinos. However, the mines have long since closed down and these days the region is opening up to rural tourism running alongside agricultural development.